Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dark Eden by Patrick Carmen

This was an interesting book. I'm familiar with Patrick Carmen's work and it was nice to see something darker but what made it interesting is that you can choose to read the book or experience the book through a multimedia app found here. The first chapter is free but I found I preferred the flow of the book.
The story follows Will Besting as he attends Fort Eden, a camp to cure him and six others of their fear. It's a good concept and just experiencing Will's part made for an entertaining read. However, more is going on at Fort Eden and even though I had some guesses - I was wrong and there were surprises I didn't see coming. I give Patrick Carmen kudos for that.
This is a young adult book with young adult themes but it's an enjoyable adult read. I'm not sure how this would go as a movie but I'd be willing to see that. It's a great book for most ages. It's dark but not overly scary so a young or sensitive reader would do well with it. There is some slight romance but nothing beyond hand holding and the occasional kiss.
I like how the chapters focus on each of the characters and their cures. At the end, there seems to be several epilogues but they don't detract from the story.

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