Monday, August 8, 2011

Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber

This seventh installment of Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses was great. Some series' have a tendency to go off on weird tangents or lose their steam but Schreiber continues to craft a great story.
Alexander's best friend Sebastian arrives to stay a few days with Alexander. Raven didn't even know he had a best friend since Alexander talks so little about himself. She sees this as an opportunity to learn more about her boyfriend but things go array when Sebastian falls in love with Raven's best friend Becky. Becky has a boyfriend and doesn't know that Raven is dating a vampire. Things can go horribly wrong if Raven doesn't do something cleaver.
The thing I love about Raven is she is so true to herself. She refuses to compromise her values and she is loyal to a fault. She is honestly torn between wanting to protect Becky and to protect Alexander. She really likes Sebastian and he can't help who he is.
Another beautiful part of this story is Raven's desire to become a vampire and Alexander's reluctance to change her. Raven learns more about why he doesn't want to make her a vampire and begins to understand the consequences of that choice (for her).
There is some backstory that comes into play with this book but not enough that if one picked this volume up first that they wouldn't be able to follow the story. There's still a ton of character growth between Raven and Alexander.
I love this series and really think it's the best of it's kind. The stories are not so filled with drama that they become bogged down and Schreiber's writing is light and enjoyable. This is a real teen with an unusual situation but there's so much more.
I like the lack of love triangles, even though Schreiber has toyed with them Raven has remained completely faithful to Alexander. They have real world problems (some with supernatural twists but pretty believable).
This series is more geared towards girls but I think there's enough action and "manliness" that a young man would enjoy them. The characters are in high school and approaching 18 fast but the writing is simple enough for a younger reader. The books are short, especially compared to similar series. (There's even a manga series based on these books that my son is devouring).

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