Thursday, August 18, 2011

Devil's Food Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

I've finally carved out some reading time. It's amazing how much I can read if I don't watch TV in the evening.
Joanne Fluke has a style that I just love. Her books are light, fun with a touch of suspense. She has a formula that works and hasn't gotten stale yet (which is saying a lot for a long series like this). I highly recommend the entire series but I think this is my favorite so far (except I'm not sure I like the ending).
What I liked best is that she twisted it just a little without getting far fetched but I also liked that Hannah was put in a position where she really had to think about her dating situation.
I'll try not to add any spoilers for those reading earlier books but I apologize if they pop up.
Hannah Swenson is getting ready for the spring season at The Cookie Jar. There are weddings, parties, Valentine's Day all to plan for. Her friend the minister is finally able to go on his honeymoon when a blast from the past comes to visit. Reverand Matthew had spent time at the parsonage as a teen when his parents had gone on a mission. He was joined by his cousin Paul. The boys were so close that they were nearly twins. It's been a long time since anyone has seen them so when Matthew is murdered things start getting strange.
Meanwhile, Hannah has a bigger problem. She has competition for Norman's attention. Cute, sexy new dentist Beverly has a past with Norman and seems to be wiggling her little behind into Hannah's comfortable pattern. Beverly is seeing both Mike and Norman. Hannah is jealous and Norman is acting weird. Will she finally lose Norman because she couldn't choose him over Mike or will she have to share them with Beverly? It's a tough season for Hannah and she has to solve a murder on top of it.
I like Hannah because she tries to be smart. She always ends up alone with the killer and at risk of losing her life but she tries to learn from it and not make those mistakes again. I like that she's smart and she has community support behind her.
This is a mystery series that has recipes. I have to say, they made me sooooooo hungry. Last night I stopped and made the coffee she described. It probably wasn't the same but it was so good. I even shared some of the recipes with my son who can't wait to try them this weekend. I have found myself talking more about the recipes to those around me than the book (that's because they get tired of me talking about the plots - I can see it in their eyes).

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