Friday, August 26, 2011

Angel by James Patterson

I can't say this was the best book in the Maximum Ride series but it was definitely the most interesting plot. Fang has left the flock and Max must choose between pining over him or returning the feelings Dylan has for her. It's not a typical triangle. Max and Fang have grown up together as they run from the scientists that created them (for those not reading the series currently the kids have been hybrid with birds and have wings). Dylan was created to be Max's perfect mate.
With Fang gone, Dylan is upping his "game" and working hard to win Max over.
Fang is not without his own turmoil. He left to start his own "flock" of kids who have been experimented on to fight the scientists. Along with new characters, Fang brings Max's clone in to fight. There are some real emotional twists and turns. Fang wants to be with Max but couldn't ask her to give up her destiny to follow his. He misses her so much that it's hard to be with her clone, Maya. Maya doesn't want to be a clone and is struggling to create her own identity which is hard because Fang keeps giving her lovelorn looks.
Max loves Fang but Dylan has a certain synchronicity with her. She wants to be loved for who she is not because the scientists make her the perfect mate. She's certain that Dylan loves her because of chemistry not because of her. Meanwhile, the scientists are pushing for Max and Dylan to run off and have children to ensure the survival of the human race.
As if all that was not enough, a new enemy has emerged called the Doomsday Group who's sole goal is to replace humans with hybrids. The two flocks have to battle an enemy that is recruiting fast and on a one way track to destroying all humanity.
There are so many interesting points in this story. I did get a little annoyed with Max's emotional roller coaster but it was completely understandable. It wasn't untrue to her character but I wished it had been given slightly less focus. It's all building up for the last book which comes out in February. That makes me the most sad. I've really enjoyed these books and these characters. Can't wait to see how it all ends.

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