Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wanted by Mark Millar

This graphic novel was okay. I can't say it was good but I can't say it was bad either - it was just okay. I loved the movie and sort of expected it to be more like the movie but it wasn't.
The premise was there - young man finds out his father is dead and he inherits everything including a job as an assassin. That's about where the similarities end. In the book, he's an assassin for supervillians all dressed in weird costumes. There's a lot of violence and swearing in this graphic novel - most of it just felt like it was taking up space. There were some interesting twists but this is definitly not a book for children.
It's got some okay reviews but most I saw were not positive. Part way through I almost quit because it just wasn't good. The ending got better but as I said it was all just okay.

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