Friday, April 22, 2011

Angel - Auld Lang Syne by Scott Tipton

I really struggle with books based on television series. There is always something altered to serve the books purpose and it goes against my brain's ability to cope. This graphic novel started up some warning bells in my head but in the end the good story line quelled all that. I enjoyed this little story and the banter between Angel and Spike. I can't remember enough detail from the story line of the tv show (means it's time to get the dvds out for a refresher course) so I was able to relax and enjoy this book.
The story starts with Angel and Spike hallucinating about people from their past. When they meet up in an alley, they believe that the other person is just another hallucination. They fight only to realize that someone is altering their perception through marks on their necks.
The two pair up to fight their mutual enemy who turns out to be some sort of demon/god in another dimension.
The story is entertaining and the graphics are well done. I, especially, liked the dialogue which sounded authentic in my head. I could actually hear Spike saying the words which tells me someone worked hard to portray him.

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