Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walking Dead Vol 2

As the graphic novels continue, I like them less and less. The plots are good but the black and white design confuses me. Characters come and go and I can't figure out who is who. There are random images and I can't determine what their significance is.
The plot is already different from the tv show which is nice because I don't know what to expect. In this volume, the group arrives on a farm after a shooting accident. The farm is a strange experience. There are a lot of themes here - in a disaster like this one can we demand help from those who can offer it? Are we allowed to judge those who do give us help? And when is it time to move on?
I can understand both sides of the arguement. The group is lost and desperately wants a "home" that is safe. They are looking for something resembling the life they had before the zombies.
The family on the farm wants to protect themselves. They want to be good people and do the right thing. There is a terrible price to pay for helping strangers sometimes and it wasn't anyone's fault.
Like I said I really like the plot but the design/layout of the graphics make it difficult for me to read the story.

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