Monday, February 21, 2011

Dorothy of Oz by Son Nee Joon

Dorothy of Oz is a serial graphic novel from Korea. It was a nice change of pace to read a Korean book instead of a Japanese - not that you could really tell the difference. Son Nee Joon has a wicked sense of humor that shows in his works. They are done in black and white which can inhibit a reader from completely escaping into the world but Son Nee Joon made the lack of color work (even included a joke about not being able to tell the difference between blood and ink because everything was black and white).
Dorothy of Oz is the story of Mara who finds a yellow brink road in an alley in her hometown in Korea. The road takes her into Oz where people believe she is Dorothy. The first book starts kind of in the middle of the story and goes back to explain how Mara came to Oz.
The second book is more flashback starting from Mara meeting the Witch of the East to when she finds the Scarecrow.
That is the only two books our library has at this moment so I can not comment any further.
The books are entertaining but may not be suitable for younger audiences. Mara gets a pair of boots from the Witch that turn her into a witch when she clicks the heels together - the transformation causes her to be nude for a moment. The drawings are discreet but in her Witch form Mara is quite sexual in her appearance. There is violent fights and deaths but because of the nature of this type of book - the violence is very subdued.

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