Monday, February 21, 2011

The Book of Time Outs by Deb Lucke

I, occasionally, peruse the juvenile section of the library but I rarely count those books towards my 100 goal (I think if I did I'd be reading 200 before long). Even though I am not counting this towards my reading goal, I felt I needed to share it.
The Book of Time Outs is a collection of historical people who got time outs for a variety of "bad" deeds. It's an interesting concept.
The sections are really short and can be enjoyed by small readers (or listeners who are being read to). I am not certain how historically accurate they are but I can see them creating a spark and a love of history. Each segment is written in a humorous light but tries to show what sort of behavior got each person their time out.
I can't say for certain which is my favorite but I did enjoy the one about Isabel from Spain who refused to bath. She was sentenced for rebellious acts but Deb Lucke infers that it had more to do with her stinkyness than her attitude.

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