Friday, January 21, 2011

My Flashy Words by Nancy Cavanaugh

I am knee deep in the middle of Stephen King's newest book Full Dark No Stars, leaving me with no book to share this week. I didn't think that was acceptable especially since I am trying to not let my blogs fall behind. I could have slipped in the copy of Walking Dead I got from the library but I think that would really be cheating. Instead I want to offer something I have been reading that is still fiction.
I have a group of writer friends who have their own blogs. Nancy Cavanaugh's blog is filled with little tidbits of horror, science fiction and a lot of humor. She truly is a master of the short short story and flash fiction. Most of her posts are stories but occassionally she slips in some information about where you can find her work outside of her blog. I highly recommend her blog and think it's a great place for reluctant readers to find some written entertainment. Her blog can be found at

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